Effective Email Programs

The founder of Outside Voice has deep experience creating engaging email products, from daily and weekly newsletters to single call-to-action marketing dispatches. From creatives to list management to A-B testing, we understand effective email marketing and can help enhance your program.

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national journal daily briefings team

The founder of Outside Voice ran a six-person team charged with overseeing 28 distinct email products -- many some of them daily -- with a combined distribution of hundreds of thousands. Oversight included creating new products, ranging from the Need-To-Know: Elections product, which offered daily election-related news , to the NJ Toolbox, a white-label product for members.

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connectivity advocacy newsletter

The Connectivity newsletter was a purpose-written daily dispatch for advocacy professionals, with a B2B circulation of almost 100,000. It was part of a major part of a robust content marketing program aimed at lead generation for a full suite of SAAS products serving the advocacy space in Washington DC and the states.  

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mad mariner and diy boat owner newsletters

The Mad Mariner and DIY Boat Owner newsletters were weekly B2C newsletters aimed at the marine space, with a combined circulation of more than 60,000. The newsletters were part of a content marketing program designed to sell magazine subscriptions and ebooks to a nationwide audience.


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