White Papers, Research and Infographics

It is hard to overstate the value of high-quality reported work. It demonstrates expertise, provides value to customers and fuels your blog and social channels for weeks. A single paper that makes your audience smarter can work very, very hard for your organization. Here are several examples.  


The 50 state project

This 83-page book filled with exclusive content was used to fuel a lead generation campaign targeting state advocacy professionals. More than 70 reporters from every state in the country were recruited to contribute, providing both survey data and original reporting. And when it was published, they all shared it. All told, the book was downloaded more than 5,000 times -- so successful that two more editions were published in the year that followed.


increasing engagement (how to keep members active when your issues aren't hot)

This white paper, used in a lead generation campaign, combined original reporting, results from a survey and multiple contributors to produce a unique and helpful piece of content. Multiple contributors ensured wide distribution, and it yielded hundreds of leads. It also fueled blogs and social media for weeks. 


how to get what you want out of congress

This 15-page paper, used in a lead generation campaign, was pulled together from reporting done in many different blog posts to present a timely guide for advocacy professionals at the start of a congressional session. A unique case study was added as a sidebar, as were several product screenshots that matched the material perfectly. The guide generated hundreds of leads. 


Graphic: Why You should care about state legislation

Graphics are magic when it comes to instructing your audience on a topic. They are easy to post on social media and dramatically increase engagement and sharing. This graphic, used as part of a marketing campaign for a software product, used exclusive statistics and reporting to help instruct an audience of advocacy professionals in Washington DC. It was well read on the blog that introduced it and even more popular on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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