Advanced Marketing and Sales Collateral

It takes multiple touches to generate a qualified lead -- and even more to close a complex sale. Advanced collateral can generate insights, challenge assumptions and help customers make decisions. Most importantly, it can start conversations and have genuine impact on sales. Here are some examples from a 19-piece content marketing suite that helped generate a 64 percent jump in sales for a software product. 


Making the Case to your c suite

This 18-page guide was designed to turn working staff at a company into internal advocates for a sale. It contains a sophisticated discussion of how line staff can make the case to their C suite for a purchase. Delivered by both sales and marketing, it was highly effective as mid-funnel content designed to convert opportunities into sales using a "help them help us" approach. 


quick start / long-term success plan

Retention efforts should begin the day that a sales contract is signed, and this 30-page book was designed to jump-start those efforts. The book explains how to get up and running with the product quickly and design a successful program in 20 working days. The idea is that early success is good for customer satisfaction and retention. Delivered post-sale by account representatives, the piece effectively conveyed both information and brand integrity.  


stepping up to professional legislative tracking

Educating buyers on a topic maintains brand credibility. Studies show companies that focus only on their own product suffer a credibility loss of up to 29 percent. This quick, 9-page guide -- which includes a features matrix -- offers several strategies to get the job done, including (but not at all limited to) the purchase of professional software. Delivered by marketing to prospects high in the funnel, it helped qualify leads and create opportunities.


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